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Land and climate

While seeking to promote resilient livelihoods and secure climate justice, AAR prioritizes interventions for women smallholder farmers, strengthening their capacity to adapt to climate change, enhance food security, access to credit and market for their produce, and ensure appropriate use of natural resources and clean energy alternatives. We understand the interconnectedness of all natural resources as critical to ensuring resilient livelihoods for all of humanity and for ecology. 

We will achieve this priority by empowering women and girls to form social and economic collectives to ensure women smallholder farmers have access to sustainable agriculture and secure livelihood and access to natural resources. We also increase the capacity of women smallholder farmers to be resilient to shocks and uncertainties in as far as food access and financial independence are concerned. In addition we increase the capacity of women smallholder farmers to practice Agro-ecology. AAR promotes and advocates for policies of climate change adaptation to benefit women small holder farmers as well as national Disaster Risks Reduction Committees. Women’s economic alternatives are promoted through reduction of women’s Unpaid Care Work to break the cycle of poverty and VAWG while at the same time increasing capacity to engage in productive activities and ensure access to social protection schemes. In addition women are mobilized into cooperatives and social enterprises to both build strengthened community networks and to create alternative means of production.