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AAR Newsletter Jul - October 2023

AAR Newsletter July - October 2023

AAR Newsletter, April - June 2023


Dear Partners, 
Welcome to the July - October 2023 Newsletter from ActionAid Rwanda. We are delighted to share our achievements and the positive impact on the lives of those we serve, as we work towards sustainability and human dignity. 
Throughout this period, we have actively participated in various initiatives, placing a special emphasis on the pursuit of gender equality and sustainable development, addressing the burden of unpaid care work (UCW) and the launch of our Climate Justice campaign, among other interventions. Achievements of this period make great contribution to our unwavering commitment is rooted in our mission to advocate for social justice, promote gender equality, and eliminate poverty by offering support to the most vulnerable communities in Rwanda. Our goal is to empower women and girls with the capacity to actively shape the decisions that impact their lives. 
We invite you to explore the contents of this newsletter and immerse yourself in the stories of positive change and progress. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy your reading!