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Dear Partners,

Welcome to the November-December 2023 Newsletter from ActionAid Rwanda. We are pleased to share our accomplishments and the positive impact on the lives of those we serve as we continue our commitment to sustainability and human dignity.

During this period, we actively participated in various initiatives, with a special emphasis on the 16 Days of Activism Campaign to raise awareness and combat gender-based violence (GBV). We also advocated for human rights and fostered multi-sectoral partnerships by joining forces with stakeholders to address all forms of gender-based violence.

In addition, AAR launched the "Strengthening Youth-Led Organizations for Enhanced Budget Accountability" project to empower the youth. This initiative aims to foster active youth involvement in national and local policymaking, promoting financial accountability and transparency. Our goal is to instill a culture of fiscal responsibility among youth to ensure transparent public finance management, among other objectives.

We invite you to explore the contents of this newsletter and immerse yourself in the stories of positive change and progress. Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy your reading!


Interim Executive Director