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Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


ActionAid Rwanda undertook several interventions including but not limited to prevention of violence against women and girls, more specifically, family conflicts and teen pregnancies, unpaid care work with increasing access to time saving facilities including energy- saving cooking stoves and setting up childcare centers to facilitate women sufficiently engage in the productive economy.

In line with our holistic livelihood approach, ActionAid Rwanda also implemented interventions aimed at contributing to building community resilient livelihoods, such as empowerment of smallholder farmers with hands-on skills on agroecology, facilitate access to improved seeds and small-scale irrigation to adapt to adverse effect of climate change with the main purpose of improving food security in the target communities but also to boost farm income through gender-sensitive access to markets to accelerate women’s economic empowerment.

In a move to influence policy actions on existing gender inequalities, AAR conducted a number of campaigns including a national policy dialogue on unpaid care work, community sensitizations, radio and TV talk-shows. 
on the Recognition, Reduction and redistribution and Redistribution of the burdens of unpaid care work and 
climate change loss and damage to advocate for enhanced enforcement of GBV prevention and response and quality gender responsive public services (GRPS) which address unpaid care work and promote resilient livelihoods.

The leadership of ActionAid Rwanda takes this opportunity to extend thanks to our sponsors, donors, partners and all our stakeholders towards these achievements and thank you for your continuous collaboration.
We equally thank our National General Assembly, Board of Directors and ActionAid International Federation for their continued support and guidance throughout the year. It wouldn’t be possible to realize these milestones shared in this report without your contribution.